How to Trade in Roblox 2019 Full Guide

In a recent study conducted by independent online agents, it was found that 78% of Roblox trading that was done using it always fell to the loss for users. So, only 22% of Roblox users get from any trade and fill their account with Robux and other valuables.

So, what strategy did 22% of Roblox users follow to get a higher rating for their lower and cheaper products?

Well, they follow very clever tricks to get rare or valuable items for their cheap and useless items. If you want yourself to be in the same group as the successful Roblox Trader, then you must fully understand how things work on the Roblox platform. How these people refer to evaluates each item’s price and how they close their offer for goods that are less to trade in roblox

How to start Trading on your Roblox account

You can always start trading on your Roblox account if you have club Builder membership in your account. You need to invest real money in buying a Builder club to join in trading or selling any Roblox inventory. At present there are three types of club Builders on the Roblox Platform; they are as follows

  • Classic Builders Club
  • Turbo Maker Club
  • Extraordinary Builder Club

You can get a monthly membership or annual membership depending on the fees you want to pay at the time of purchase or read our guide to Builders Club for free. This build club will also allow you with free bonuses according to the category.

How do you activate the Open to Trade option on Roblox?

You must activate the trading set to start trading your valuable inventory. To activate your trade, you must follow this path

Open an Account > Account Settings > Privacy Tab > find Trade Accessibility Options > set to Open to Trade.

Now you can see the trading button on your Roblox account, and now you are open to trading.

(note: You need to purchase a club builder membership to open the trading button, if your club builder membership expires, you cannot trade anything on Roblox)

How to Start Trading

  • Your account must activate the Open option for trading

we can always trade when your Roblox account has an “open to trade” option in your account. Make sure you meet all the requirements to open any trade and implement it. Check the validity of your building club membership and make sure it doesn’t expire.

  • Get some free and rare items in your Roblox inventory

Before you start trading anything, you need to have some free, inexpensive and rare Roblox items in your inventory to start any trade. Trading on Roblox is based on a barter system where you need to provide some value-added items for other people’s game items. If you both agree on trading, you can continue trading.

Make sure the items you want to trade and list items that you can trade with other people. Always get used to not including rare or limited items to barter. This will help if you have never traded rare items or limited edition items to barter.

  • Look for items that you want to trade

There are hundreds of items that are not features in the game catalog section; You need to find that rare item for your game character. If you really know the name of the game item, then you can type it in the search bar, or if you don’t know, then you can browse the members of the maker club with whom you can trade.

When you start searching for items or members, they will be displayed as online or Offline, which means if they are present online you can immediately start your trade. If a user is displayed offline, you can trade with him later, but you can place your price or item in the trade window.

  • Start Barter

Now you can start a barter system where you have to put items in the trading window. You will be offered two parts in the trading window.


You need to fill in an item to solve each transaction for the item you need to trade. Remember Roblox will automatically start calculating Roblox values in the trading window. Don’t pay attention to these numbers as if you are selling your display items; You will never get the price given in the trading window. But you can use this value as a reference point to start any trade.

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If you accidentally put a rare item or a limited edition in the trading window, your Roblox will go up and will show a very high price that can give you a warning not to continue trading and you can immediately remove the rare item from the trade window.

  • Options present in Trade

You are not bound to accept any trade; You will be given three choices before starting any trade, the options are as follows

  • Accept trade
  • Trade counter
  • Reject trade

Advanced Roblox Guide to Trading

  • Install Chrome Extensions to trade quickly on Roblox

All professional traders use this secret to get more from any trade. You need to install Chrome Extension specifically made for fast trading on Roblox. There are many Trade Extensions for Chrome, but the best are the following

  • Roblox +
  • Roblox Trade Enhancer


One of the best Chrome plugins out there that works on WebGL3D to give you many features of the Roblox Trading catalog page. It has many important features that are useful when you want to trade anything. Some features are as follows

  • Item Notifier – Gives you notifications whenever new items are added to the catalog or when each item is updated.
  • The Avatar page filter bar
  • Trade announcer
  • Website theme

This plugin is very helpful and has more than 30 features that can be used for Roblox.

Roblox Trade Enhancer

This is another useful chrome plugin that can enhance your trading experience. You can use the RTE feature that will give you the items you are looking for in your search for more information such as values and requests with different price offers from other traders.

You can use this plugin to find out the price tag of an item or to find out how many traders put these items in the existing trading window.

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What items will be purchased?

Well, you must always choose a limited item that only has 500 copies, and there is a 100% chance that the price of this item will rise on the same day more than 20 times. This has happened many times when very limited items disappeared with hours and resold at 20 to 30 times more than the marked price.


So, now you might know how professional traders trade them on Roblox. We have researched many aspects of trading and found the best solution for trading on Roblox. You can always go back and check out our Roblox trade guide in 2019, for the latest information and sources from which you can get cheap Roblox items that you can sell for profit.

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